3 Reasons Why Blogging is Good for You

3 reasons why blogging is good for you

I can’t remember what clicked in my brain to say, “I want to start a blog.” If you’ve started a blog maybe you know exactly when, where and how you decided to blog.

Or maybe not.

Maybe you stumbled into “Blogastan” (my name for blog world) and never found your way out and now you find yourself saying, “I have a blog” to people on a regular basis.

Whatever your reasons or experience or interest in blogging, I would encourage you to embrace the idea and either start your blog or find your way to stay motivated and keep growing your audience.

I know, sometimes you feel like you’re on a treadmill getting nowhere. So here are three reasons I blog and I believe you should, too.


Blogging helps you

see the world in different ways

Blogging Helps You See the World in Different Ways

If you blog, you know one of the challenges is coming up with ideas to write about. Hopefully, you have your way of organizing ideas of things you think would make good blog posts.

And once you start keeping this list, you’ll be amazed at the time and places when things pop into your head, (often for me this is when I’m driving and least able to write it down).

But the blogging mindset keeps you open to new interpretation of ideas that might have just appeared in your head and then moved on through.  

For example, I wrote a post on How to Enjoy Sunday Evenings. This came to me when it was a Sunday evening and I started that typical shift into the stress of getting ready for the next week and wondered why that always happens. If I hadn’t been a blogger, I would have left it right there. But with a blogging mindset, I thought about what it would take to make that part of the weekend less stressful and built a plan on it.

Without blogging, those ideas just come and go. With blogging, they become more fully formed.

Blogging keeps your brain alive and refocusing on the mundane areas of life with a new lens. Day-to-day routines become fodder for posts and your mind wraps around ideas to turn them into more interesting ways to approach your world.

3 reasons why blogging is good for you

Blogging helps you

remember your life

Blogging Helps You Remember Your Life

You don’t have to treat your blog as a personal journal for it to memorialize your life. As you write and create, you keep a record of the way you perceive and process your memories.

Not everything you write will make it onto your blog. You’ll come up with ideas that don’t ever come to fruition after you flesh them out, but keep them organized anyway. You can go back through them in time and see what sparked your interest and made you think.

And if you do your own photography, you’ll have more beautiful pictures than you would have if you had just snapped something quickly with your phone. Keep these together in a personal way that you can use in the future, separate from posts. Because, trust me, graduation or weddings or big events will come up and you’ll be glad you had those memories in one place.

3 reasons why blogging is good for you

Blogging is


Blogging is Empowering

Blogging is yours. You’ll have mentors, resources, and others that you may brainstorm with, but your blog is your baby (separate from your real babies!).

And because you are in charge of all parts of your blog, you can make it whatever you want. You become the executive producer of something that represents you. By writing, organizing, photographing, illustrating, designing, publicizing, and marketing, you have a business, whether it’s profitable or not.

You may treat your blog as a hobby and that may be all you want. You may not ever have plans for monetizing it. That’s your decision and don’t feel pressured to do it any other way if that’s what makes you happy. So even if you incur some expenses, these are probably considerably less than you would have spent on another hobby.

And if you want to make money from your blog, you get to figure out how you want to do it. There are guides who give you resources to make it profitable, but you are the one who decides which of those to use. You choose which posts to put on Pinterest and how to promote them. You decide which email service provider to use and what to say in your welcome series.

But in every decision, you get to shine through - your thoughts, your words, your photos, your designs.

And it’s a face you can proudly present to the world.

So Blog Away

Wherever you are in your blogging journey, enjoy it. Find your why’s and your path.

Create a space on the interwebs where you interact with the world and make it a better place. You can and should do it.