10 Things to Do on Pinterest When You Have 10 Minutes

10 things to do on pinterest

Have you ever been waiting for your car to get an oil change and the TV in the waiting area is blaring distracting game shows. This might have happened to me just this afternoon and actually inspired this post. I found myself on my phone on Pinterest and tried to figure out what I could use my time most efficiently.

Sometimes we only have a few minutes here and there and not enough time to do our big tasks. That can be a blessing because it allows us to accomplish some of those little things that will actually make a difference but get neglected in our focus on bigger projects.

So next time you’ve got a few minutes see if you can accomplish a few of these smaller items. Maybe when you’re on your laptop as your kids are watching a movie and you feel like you can’t concentrate to take on something major, use the time to do something from this list. Or if you’re waiting on an oil change.

Add a board

Take a look at the current boards you have and see if you can come up with another one that would fill in some gaps and give you another place to post your most popular content. Be sure to write a good description with lots of keywords.



board descriptions

Update board descriptions

And while we’re talking about boards, you could use this time to look at the descriptions of several boards and make sure they have your most relevant keywords.

Review your branding

When you look at all your content and one place, do you see the consistent branding that you’re going for? Are you happy with your colors and fonts? Does it illustrate the story you’re trying to tell? Screen shot any pins or boards you see that need further review so you can remember them.

Repin from older boards to newer ones

Have some older boards that have been neglected? Hop on them and move some of that stellar content up to a more recent board that has all those updated board descriptions.

ten things to do on pinterest

Review Your Content

from other pinners

Review your curated content from other pinners

While you’re looking at boards and pins, how does the content from other pinners work with your own content? Make sure you’re providing your followers with lots of good info from a variety of sources, but keep it in line with the mission of your brand.

Look at your homepage and see how it looks to visitors

Is your message clear when they first drop onto this page? How about that lovely collage of pins in the top border? Is it filled with images you want to highlight or should you review your choice for what is displayed? Happy with your profile pic or do you need something update? Imagine you’re a first time visitor. Would you want to follow you?

Review your profile

Is everything looking good in there? Anything you need to update or change? Like that description of your business or do you need to Improve or perfect it? Have you changed anything anywhere that you forgot to update in your profile?

Look at the accounts of some of the people you follow

When was the last time you looked at the content of those people you follow? Their posts may show up in your feed, but take a look at their boards and pins and see what stands out or inspires you.

Look at a few of the people who follow you and pin some of their best content

We often get caught up in the statistics of how many followers we have that we forget those are real people. Take a look at some of their boards and share some of their content. If they’re a big fan of yours, they’ll be pretty happy you pinned it. If they just followed you along the way, this might make them take a little more notice of you and your content.

Scroll and see what catches your eye

Finally, if you don’t have time to complete any of the above tasks, just scroll. You know you love to do it. Do it shamelessly and be a Pinterest user. Maybe you’ll find an easy quick recipe you really want to try, not just pin as part of a business strategy. You might find your family’s favorite new meal when you stop wearing your business hat whenever you’re on Pinterest.

I hope these ideas help you use those few minutes that fall into your schedule and usually get frittered away. And if you have ways you use ten minutes wisely, share them with all of us. We can all use all the help we can get to make the most of the time we have.