Is the Sink Half Dirty or Half Full


Photography has never been my thing. I never had a Polaroid camera and the rolls of 220 film I would send off to be developed from my 1980’s cameras rarely came back with any interesting photos. Camera phones and apps have improved the photographic ability of all of us, and I’ve recently decided to see what I can do with that little computer-phone-camera that’s in my pocket all the time. Most photos end up staying on my phone with no exposure to the outside world and I’ve realized how many shots it takes to to finally get one you really love.

Sometimes a picture is only worth a few words, not a thousand. Other times a photo can help you evaluate your entire perspective on life. That’s what happened with this photo. My intent was just to learn to use the focus feature on a new app. I tapped my camera screen on the image of the orange cup in the middle and with the filters I had on at the time, this picture appeared.

Suddenly, that sink full of dirty dishes and counter that needed to be cleared off was the most lovely place in the world. Look at that subtle light coming through the window where I watch the changing seasons on the redbud trees. See that dirty coffee cup? I can’t picture my husband without a cup of coffee each morning. I know he loves me more than coffee, but I’m not sure which one of us he could live without most easily. The water bottles were used on a family bike ride. And that orange cup I focused on? That’s from Sylvia’s set of multi-colored cups and plates her dad bought her at Ikea. Each item in that picture plays a role in my life and that sink is half full of blessings and good fortune and I am grateful for it all.

Does that mean I like to clean or that I don’t wish I didn’t have to do dishes? Nope, not a chance. What it does remind me, though, is that I have it so much better than so many people. If I can keep that perspective in other areas of life, my gratitude abounds.

I probably won’t make a habit of photographing my dirty dishes or have a showing at a gallery of messy kitchen pictures. And I may never have as much as I feel I want, but this picture shows me I always have everything I need, with or without a filter.